S.E.P. Large Scale Solar Development Solutions

6982298_origWith S.E.P. , developers have Engineers and Real Estate Professionals who’s single focus is the acquisition and development of Large Scale Solar Projects.

Preliminary Interconnection, Local and State permit requirement and meetings with Town officials. These are just few of many items that are completed before a S.E.P. certified site is sent to a developer.

Preliminary Site Analysis (PSA)

Build your own PSA format, or use S.E.P.’s pre-determined PSA report . A S.E.P. professional will meet with your Company to put a very fine point on site specific requirements. This will allow your Company to save time and money by  only receiving  sites which meet your predetermined requirements.

Letter of Intent Service

7352048Does your company waste tens of thousands of dollars trying to acquire customers? Don’t bother, S.E.P. can meet with your Company to understand all the preferred acquisition needs. S.E.P. will either use your Letter of Intent to acquire the customer or use the in house Letter of Intent created specifically for the Solar Industry.

S.E.P. Purchase Program

There is never a reason to put your money at risk, let S.E.P. purchase the desired property. S.E.P has the ability to secure specific properties and give the developers the time required to complete all Interconnection and local permits. SEP will then be the lessor or assign all the purchase rights to the developer for a fee.

S.E.P. Service and Fees:

In most cases the fees are based on performance and the level of service required. Each developer has specific needs , let the team at S.E.P. make the acquisition of property for large scale solar developments easy . Contact S.E.P. today and schedule an initial development review.

Preliminary Site Analysis (PSA)
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