Q: How do I know if my property is good for Solar development?

A: This one is easy, submit your site using the link on the right side of this page and let S.E.P. take it from there.

Q: Does S.E.P. buy property?

A: Absolutely, if you have a piece of land with 3 phase power give S.E.P. a call.

Q: What is 3 phase power?

A: Look at the top of your utility poles, if there are 3 wires at the very top of the pole you have 3 phase power.

Q: Does it cost me(Landowner) any money to enter into a solar lease?

A: The only expenses to the landowners are legal fees. If you choose to have a Lawyer review the contracts.

Q: How long are most solar lease terms?

A: Most lease terms are 20 or 25 years with extensions available for the Developer

Q: How much money can I make leasing my land:

A: Unfortunately there is not a standard answer for this question, not all properties are created equal. Each site has the ability to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of the term of the lease.

Q: Are there any toxic chemicals that could harm my property?

A: No, there are zero toxic chemical worries. The only oil on-site is located in the inverter. The oil is a biodegradable oil that resembles a canola oil.

Q: What happens when the lease is over? Who is responsible for the removal of the system and cleanup?

A: The Lessee is 100% responsible for the removal of the system and the restoration of the property back to as close to its original state as feasible. If your site has been cleared of trees the Lessee will not be planting new trees. Loam and seed to a grass field is typical.

Q: I live near big power lines, does that make my property valuable for solar?

A: In most cases no, the high voltage power lines are not used for most Interconnection to Solar developments.

Q: From the time I sign the lease how long before the annual lease payments start?

A: In most cases the development takes 6-9 months to permit with the local Planning Boards and Public Utility. Each town is different and times can vary dramatically. But for the most part its 12 months from Lease to end of construction.

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